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welcome to the challenge bookshop online!

Challenge Bookshop Online represents the digital version the Challenge Bookshop, a ministry of the Challenge Enterprises of Ghana.

Challenge Enterprises of Ghana which to many, is popularly known as Challenge Bookshop, had its beginnings as far back as 1952 when SIM (Sudan Interior Mission then and now known as Serving in Mission) sent a representative, Trevor Shaw, from Lagos to Accra to gauge the potential for expanding the distribution of the African Challenge magazine to Ghana. Initially working with the newspaper agents of the Daily Graphic, monthly orders of 650 copies were delivered by Tarzan Transport Company into Accra from Lagos.

Challenge magazine opened its first office in Accra in 1956. When independence arrived on 6th March 1957, the October 1957 issue of Challenge magazine recognized this with a special Ghanaian edition and a picture on the cover of President Nkrumah.